our team

mj fitzpatrick

Founder - The Ginger Ninja a.k.a Zoltan a.k.a Supreme Leader

After dropping out of med-school in 2015 because he knew there was a greater calling in store for him, MJ has been serving people ever since. The CEO and inventor of the work, he now runs our programs and stands for all men and people as the heroes that they are. 

None of us have any idea how this bald ginger convinced us all to follow him. We're relatively sure that he has brainwashed us all. We cant get out.


If you're reading this... please help us. 

yohan dante

Business Savant - Head Of Growth

After selling the business he started when he was 13 (what a show-off) in 2017, Dante has been working with MJ ever since. An all-around business, communication and relationship genius, Dante is an asset at every level of the company. 

He often gets stuck in multi-hour conversations with relative strangers because of his unparalleled commitment to other people and service. Also we're not allowed to make any jokes about Dante because he gets sad so move along. 

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jono franze

Head Of Facilitation

Jono joined MJF at the beginning of our work with men and is a pillar of everything we do. A true master of connection and compassion, Jono gives all of our clients another example of what it means to live the work and be fearless in it. He is a true warrior and sets the standard of what being fearless means. 

Jonathans other great talent is in triggering our clients. Many of them feel that someone THIS handsome shouldn't be allowed to have feelings as well. It's quite the hoot. 


ian lindsay


As the CFO of hundred million+ business in his 'spare-time' Ian has been working with MJ since 2019. A gigantic stand for the work, the level of depth and compassion he shows in his facilitation in peerless and he is a true asset for all our clients who have the privilege of working with him. 

As the elder statesmen/uncle of the company, Ian is often tasked with calming us all down when we start talking about starting a political party or egging a competitors house. 


dainis purins


Dainis has been an entrepreneur for almost a decade and has had an incredible ride in his journey so far. After finding MJ after a decade-plus of being in pain and 'burnt-out' from his businesses, Dainis is now a Jedi of the work who can be with men at all ages and all experience levels and help them move forward in life. 

Dainis likes to annoy MJ in his spare time and is also a brown belt in BJJ. This is remarkably handy as putting MJ in a Guillotine Choke is a great way to calm him down.