but why mj?

First things first, as a huge fan of Charlie Munger, we need to invert our question. So here are some things my team and I do and/or believe that might make you not want to work with us and find someone else.


  1. We’re anaphylactically allergic to BS: We will tell you what you need to hear rather than want to hear.  A lot of people don’t like this as it’s very confronting. (I also swear when I get really excited and have a pretty rouge sense of humour. You’ve been warned.)

  2. I’m an atheist who believes in God and I’m just as confused by that sentence as you are. I believe the point of life is to find and develop your soul. Your mind and heart need work as well, but a spirit based life where you develop your character and find a way to help the world become Good is the only way to find true joy, fulfilment, and freedom.

  3. All of the work that we do with people is about getting you to set yourself free as it’s the only way to make a change that lasts for life. We teach skill-sets where you have to use the tools yourself. That requires total commitment as having no place for excuses is utterly terrifying. We can’t wave a magic wand for you, we are just normal people who love serving.

  4. I think a lot of ‘self-development’ is taught by people stuck in woo-woo, who don’t live their own teachings, invoke things like quantum mechanics without understanding it, and who are out to brag about how many people have bought their products that quite frankly don’t work rather than focusing on the work. Shots. Fired.

  5. We don’t sell anything with a price tag below four figures and we have no $37 dollar ebooks with the secret to life contained in them. All our programs are expensive and it’s part of the reason we give 99% of our content away for free.

    And lastly, and by far and away most importantly,

  6. I believe we have an ethical responsibility to only work with people when we are 100% certain that we can help them better than anyone else on earth. If we know that there is someone else out there who can do a better job for a person than one of our programs would, for us to not send you to them would make us morally bankrupt and manipulative.

    For that reason, all of our paid programs are invite only. That means if you want to work with us, we have an initial chat with you where we can both figure out if the fit makes sense.  If we don’t think we are right for you, or you don’t think you’d like to work with us, we will send you to someone else to get the help you need. There are no exceptions to this no matter how much money someone offers us.

what we do

If you’re still reading, I think the best way for you to get a sense of me and my team and why we do what we do is to just very honestly talk about our mission and purpose and why the company exists in the first place.


Our mission is simple, to build such a great company that by 2040 we can officially put ourselves out of business. For that to make any sense, we first need to answer the most common the question I get asked by people which is ‘why do you do the work that you do and where did it come from?’


It’s a pretty simple answer for me. I love people and I love helping them and I love it so much that the work itself is a reward. I’ve been known to get erect nipples when someone has a breakthrough because I love this shit so much. It’s absolutely just the greatest thing since sliced bread that I have a team of people working with me to help people move forward in their lives and become Agents of Good in the world.


This love for my craft means that I don’t need anything back from people, just being able to sit with and be present with someone who thinks that they are broken, just being able to witness someone’s eyes light up when they have a breakthrough in their relationship, just breathing the same air as someone who finally let’s go of their mind and discovers their spirit - these things are everything to me and it’s why I’ve dedicated my life to serving in the best way that I possibly can.


When I look back over my path, it was that desire to serve that overruled my own ego that allowed me to get to where I am today. Every time there was something out of place within myself that was stopping me from being authentic and helping those in front of me, after a lot of struggle I always decided to let go of my ego rather than get defensive and reject the lesson.


This clarity has allowed me to see insights that I would have had no business seeing, and has allowed me to build a philosophy of living where with the right tools and understanding any person with the commitment can take responsibility for in their lives; let go of their pain, insecurities, and suffering; understand themselves and their mind and choose to live from their soul instead.


This work that you need to do to live life bottom up rather than top down is the scariest thing a human being can do because your mind is heavily invested in making sure you avoid becoming your authentic self. Your brain is programmed to keep you safe and we’ve all learned that being authentic, connecting with ourselves and our emotions and living a truthful life is about the most dangerous thing we can do.


BUT, if you find the right teacher and process and you have the commitment to walk the path, the rewards for learning how to stop fearing yourself and live your truth are limitless. Life is still hard no matter what, and it will never stop punching you in the face, but you can walk through your life from a place of fulfilment, success, joy, peace and connection with others even when it’s hard.


Each time someone does the terrifying and hard AF work you need to do to become yourself, the world becomes a better place and Good becomes a little bit stronger. We’re going to keep serving people on that journey, keep figuring out how to make that process easier and faster, keep working at getting that message into the world until we’ve saved enough money that we can stop charging for our programs, fund ourselves indefinitely and become a foundation in 2040 where our programs will become free to anyone who wants to go through that journey for as long as there are human beings alive.

Nipples are rock hard typing that just FYI.

why we do

I believe that right now we're at an inflection point in civilisation and that the generation of humans that are here for the next 60 years are going to be in the driving seat. When as a race we either bicker and fight whilst our car drives off a cliff and society as we know it collapses, or we manage to learn the lessons of history and drive ourselves to a place where society gets so much better, for so many people, that it endures for many lifetimes in the future and we eventually colonise other planets and become freaking awesome.


I believe that challenge is the defining challenge of our species and that we are rapidly approaching the cut-off point for the Fermi Paradox. That challenge is our responsibility. It’s mine and yours. Personally. All of our actions are either contributing to the probability that we drive off the cliff or that we win and society becomes epic for everyone.


I believe that we will win so I’m all in and this business and our mission and my team is our attempt to do everything possible to swing the probability to the winning section. Nothing like the fate of humanity being on your personal shoulders to get you out of the bed in the morning and start solving puzzles to help people become themselves.


I believe the best way forward for us all is through individual, spiritual and emotional development and that only looking at life through the lens of the mind is a fast track to the cliff. I tried to live life only through my mind and failed so spectacularly that I needed to develop other tools to become the force of good that I wanted to be. I think as a society it’s the same.


So my team and I do all that we can to help people on that path of personal responsibility about the problems of the world and to grow through spiritual development. We give away 99% of our content for free as it needs to be in the world and we’re also setting up our business so that we can eventually stop charging for our programs and that this company will become a foundation that can exist well past my death, in every country of the world, where anyone who is willing and committed can access all of the tools we’ve found for free, forever.


That’s as honest as real as I can make it. Sorry you had to read for so long.


My team and I would love to connect, so please if you'd think you'd like to work with us, send us an email and we'll set up a time to chat.